A Splinter of Glass

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Genre: Cosmic Horror

Self Publication Date: Unspecified

Travelers from distant points in space and time have assembled to address a threat to the entire spacetime continuum: somewhere, at the far end of human history, a mad scientist has discovered a way to transcend reality, destroying all matter, energy, and logical substance in the process. Our heroes must journey into the darkest corner of creation to stop this mastermind, even if it costs them their lives…or their sanity. 


Midday sun burst forth with malevolence, consciousness resolved from chloroform. The professor regained his senses.

He was in the back seat of a ’42 Cadillac, black, soaking up the radiant energy of the Nevada desert.  Through choking heat waves he discerned a driver. The professor’s hands were handcuffed together, strangely strung with razor wire to the side doors. There was blood already. There was no sense of time. At some point in the far future, the car stopped.

The driver turned: he had greasy hair and watery eyes. The professor was no renowned judge of character, his speciality was physics, but this man looked afraid, bordering on panicked….not the attitude of a kidnapper, at least, not a competent one.

“Why are you doing this?” the professor asked.

“I can’t explain.” The madman said, “It just…occurred to me one day. This had to happen. I had to do it. I’m genuinely sorry.” (He looked it)

“Do what?”

“Surgery. Brutal surgery.”

The madman produced a hammer.

Somewhere, insects buzzed. The professor noticed the boxes of chloroform for the first time. The car was soaked in it.

“You are one of those Los Alamos boys.”  the madman said.

“Yes.” The professor admitted. “How did I get here? What did you do to me.”

The madman seized the professor by his collar, pulling him close. Special contortion was needed to stop errant loops of razor wire from slashing his arm.

“Don’t you see?” The madman said in a panic, “Your knowledge of the hyperfine interactions at the heart of the atom will doom us all! It has never been known before this day. I am fortunate to have read  in advance of its coming, through prophecies scratched into the living eye of Kmnoz the dying king by the spider-god Syklos itself! Nothing can now be done! The knowledge has entered the universe, you are its carrier. It will transmit along the Ogdaodic timewaves to the distant caves at the end of eternity, where chanting oracles of metal and bone will relay the dark secrets therin to the Mastermind. He will have his knowledge, and it will break the world.”

“I don’t understand…”


At that point, the madman brought the hammer down upon the professors skull. This did not kill the knowledge. The knowledge could not be killed. Even several dozen more hammer blows were not sufficient. This brain no longer worked, but through sheer combinatorics, the atoms of the professor’s now mortifying brain matter would one day rearrange, and with them would come once more the breaking of the world. These tactics only delayed, but that was a worthy enough cause. The lone man in the desert knew that.

He lit several matches and dropped them into the car. It took more than one attempt before the noxious liquid he’d carefully spilled throughout the car caught fire. There was no explosion. This was unfortunate.

In the course of the surgery the lone man in the desert had inhaled aerosolized blood and bits of brain. He was already contaminated. Several sizable chunks of the professor persisted, some inhaled into his attacker. There was only one thing that could be done:

He jumped into the flames…

Called out to the angry sun…

And prayed like hell he had done enough.

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